Configuring Provisioning for FuseLogic

This integration with Okta is currently under development and is not available to customers yet. Contact to learn more.

This guide provides the steps required to configure Provisioning for FuseLogic, and includes the following sections:


The following provisioning features are supported:


Before starting the configuration of Okta, first contact to prepare your environment.

Configuration Steps

Create the application from the OIN.

Under the General tab in the Application visibility property, check both Do not display application icon to users and Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile App options.

“Do not display”

Configure your Provisioning settings for FuseLogic as follows:

  1. Check the Enable provisioning features box.

  2. API Authentication:

    Fill in the username and password you have gotten when your environment has been prepared.

    “API Integration”

  3. Under the left tab To App select the provisioning actions you want to enable.
    These are the actions Okta will change in FuseLogic.

    “To FuseLogic”

  4. Under the left tab To Okta select the reconciliation actions you want to enable.
    These are the changes Okta will take from FuseLogic.

    “To Okta”

You can now assign people to FuseLogic (if needed) and get users from FuseLogic (if needed) and finish the application setup.

Known Issues/Troubleshooting

When during provisioning (To Fuselogic) the error:
Bad request. Errors reported by remote server: value too long for type character varying(10)
Probably the attribute for timezone is too long, the maximum length for the timezone attribute in FuseLogic is 10 characters.